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What Is a Jackknife Sofa? (Including 7 Examples)

Sofas come in all types, shapes, and sizes. A jackknife sofa is one of many sofas that are used today. One thing that makes this sofa stand out from others is that these sofas were the common choice of sofas used in RVs.

A jackknife sofa looks similar to an upholstered bench. At night, it can be laid flat with the back and seat next to each other to make a temporary bed for sleeping. They are not as large as other couches, making them a great choice for an RV couch and bed combination.

Jackknife sofas can be uncomfortable to sit and lay on due to the frame that is made of bars. You can always add extra pillows and blankets to make it more comfortable to use.

You can also purchase an egg crate foam pad to make sleeping on this type of couch more pleasant. This foam pad adds an extra layer of cushioning, which can help people with sensitive backs sleep better.

This type of couch is about a loveseat’s size and would make an excellent extra couch in the living room. These are great sofas to have for those who enjoy having many guests spend the night. When you have guests over, they can always sleep on the sofa bed if you don’t have a guest room.

An RV sofa is also a great alternative for those who live in a small space, such as a studio apartment or house without a guest room. It can also be used as your main bed and couch.

The jackknife sofa is a more recent type of couch since RVs have only been around for the past few decades. They were once popular to use in RVs but can also be used as a loveseat in the living room.

These couches come in a variety of materials, sizes, and prices. Ones used in RV are frequently made of leather or material that looks like leather. They can also be made of thick cushions with a soft layer of polyester on top.

They can cost several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. It counts on the type of material used, how many of this type is available, the brand name, and more. Below are several examples of jackknife sofas you can use in your home.

RecPro Jackknife Sofa

RecPro Jackknife SofaPin

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This jackknife sofa is a 58-inch long double recliner. The back can recline to lay back to rest. The bottom-front of the chair opens up to rest your legs on as well.

The outer part of the couch is made of faux leather, which is easy to clean and durable. You can choose from mahogany, chestnut, or toffee to match the rest of the furniture in your living room.

The back and legs can be folded flat to use the sofa as a bed. Add blankets and pillows for some color and style on your sofa and to use to sleep with.

Jackknife Sofa with Arms

Jackknife Sofa with ArmsPin

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This jackknife sofa is 70 inches, making it a little longer than the one above. The back and seat can be folded to lay side-by-side as an extra bed for visiting family and guests.

You can pick from mahogany, toffee, chestnut, and putty. Pick a color that will go with the furniture or color scheme in your living room.

Add one or two side tables with a coffee table in the front. Lay out a colorful rug with matching pillows and blankets in a basket to use to sleep with at night.

Chocolate Jackknife Sofa

Chocolate Jackknife SofaPin

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This jackknife sofa is by Thomas Payne and comes in a dark chocolate color. The thick cushions make it comfortable to sit and lay on. White stitching on the dark fabric paired with the upholstery creates a unique look.

The sofa is about the size of a loveseat and will make a great addition to your living room. There is also room for two people to sleep on the bed. You can easily take off the back cushions with Velcro and place in a basket or next to the sofa.

Pull out the seats, then lower the back part. Add blankets and pillows to keep guests comfortable when they visit.

Gray Jackknife Sofa

Gray Jackknife SofaPin

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This fossil-gray jackknife sofa can fit in your RV to replace your other sofa, or in the living room as an additional couch. It is 70 inches long and weighs 160 pounds.

The cushion material on the outside is made of soft cloth linen for a comfortable feel when sitting or lying down on the bed. The back flattens out to create a bed large enough for one or two adults.

The arms don’t move, so if you plan on having a tall friend stay over, they may not feel comfortable sleeping on the sofa. This will work fine for people of average height.

Rollout Sleeper Sofa

Rollout Sleeper SofaPin

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The sleeper sofa can replace the couch in your RV or be used as a loveseat in your living room. It is 68 inches long with a bed that is 69 by 60 inches.

The cushions are made in a beige color called tecopa granite. Add some decorative pillows and a blanket to match the couch and other furniture in your living room.

The bed easily pulls out using the handle in the middle of the seat near the floor. The bed pulls out long ways and can fit two people at a time.

Tan Jackknife Sofa

Tan Jackknife SofaPin

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The sofa can be added to a living room or RV. It is 68 inches and comes in tan or gray. The cushions are high-density foam with PolyHyde upholstery covering it with stop stitching. There is plenty of storage space underneath, as well as a bed.

The middle back pulls down as a table with two holes for drinks. The back lays down to form a bed that is 68 by 42 inches.

This couch will blend in with the rest of your living room with some pillows and blankets for décor and guests to sleep with. Add two side tables with matching lamps, and a floral rug with a coffee table on top.

Since this sofa does not have armrests, purchase cylinder-shaped pillows in a similar color or one that matches the décor. You can wedge the pillows against the side tables to create an arm with them.

Hide a Bed Jackknife Sofa

Hide a Bed Jackknife SofaPin

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This comfy loveseat has a bed hidden in it, hence the name “hide a bed loveseat”. It is made to fit in an RV, but you can also place it in your living room next to the main couch and a chair with side tables. You can pick from a gray or tan-colored couch.

The cushions are covered in linen cloth to keep your family and guests comfortable when sleeping or lounging on the couch. It is made by RecPro and has a metal frame.

The back stays in place, but the seats can be removed to pull out the bed at night. The mattress is five inches thick and made with memory foam.

This couch will work great in a stuffy room since it is made with UV resistant material to keep cool on hot days.

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