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What Is a Slipper Chair? (Including 15 Examples)

A slipper chair is an accent chair with no arms and sits lower to the ground than other chairs. These chairs were popular during the Victorian age, and used so that higher-class women had a place they could easily put on their slippers or shoes.

Slipper chairs are now referred to as accent chairs, and can come in all styles, fabric, and colors. They are no longer used for ladies but are an additional place to sit in the living room or other room in the house.

Just like with other pieces of furniture, slipper chairs vary in price based on materials and how in-demand they are. They can cost a few hundred or even a few thousand.

Slipper chairs make a pretty addition to a foyer with a small table next to it with a flower vase or other small piece of décor.

Here are some slipper chairs for inspiration:

Gray Patterned Slipper Chair

Gray Patterned Slipper ChairPin

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This accent chair is covered in a gray, geometric pattern all over a white background. The material covers thick cushions all over the chair. The legs are made of rubberwood and blend in well with the patterned seat and back.

Place this chair next to a solid-gray couch or in the hallway near a small table. Add in the corner of a room with a large plant behind it. You can also drape a solid-colored blanket or blanket with similar designs over it to add more to the chair.

Fabric Slipper Chair

Fabric Slipper ChairPin

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Add some design in soft colors with this slipper chair. Various handwritten and cursive words are written in soft gray on a cream background. The legs are made of rubberwood and site on a plywood frame for a sturdy seat.

Spongy fabric is covered in linen for a comfortable sitting experience. There is some assembly required, but it shouldn’t take long to put together the chair for you and your family to enjoy.

You can dress up the chair with pillows, blankets, and other décor the match the holiday or season. The chair will fit in great with other furniture in any room you place it in.

Circle Slipper Chair

Circle Slipper ChairPin

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This accent chair is covered in geometric circles in different designs and colors on a white background. Beige, gray, tan, black, and blue circles cover the chair with many lines in each.

Foam cushions are upholstered in colorful polyester fabric. Faux wood is used for the legs to keep the chair off the ground.

This accent chair will look beautiful next to a cream-colored couch or chair in similar colors that are already on it. You can also update a room by placing décor and items with the same colors and design as the chair.

Blue Floral Slipper Chair

Blue Floral Slipper ChairPin

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Soft blue-and-gray flowers with yellow middles cover the white background on the fabric. The rubberwood legs match the dark stems and gray trees in the fabric as well.

Place this slipper chair next to a solid-gray or blue couch in the living room. You can also match it with patterned furniture for an interesting look.

Velvet Slipper Chair

Velvet Slipper ChairPin

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The velvet accent chair has a retro look to it with the tufted back and soft-blue color. Rubberwood legs support the seat and back of this turquoise chair. The fabric is velvet with a seat filled with a sponge to keep you and other comfortable while sitting down.

The backrest was made to support the spine with its curvature. Small, tufted buttons add some décor and texture to the back of the chair. Place in a bedroom or living room that needs some color.

Gray Damask Slipper Chair

Gray Damask Slipper ChairPin

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A damask print in gray and white covers the seat and back of this slipper chair. The padded back and seat area are covered in gray damask Jacquard fabric that gives the chair a beautiful vintage look. Pine legs with a black finish keep the chair slightly off the ground.

Buttons added some décor and dimension to the back of the chair. You can also purchase a bench with a matching pattern to place in your living room for extra seating.

Blue and Gray Slipper Chair

Blue and Gray Slipper ChairPin

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The soft colors on this chair will make it a great addition in any room you place it in. The fabric on this accent chair is made up of geometric patterns in soft blue and gray on a cream background.

The legs are made of wood for a sturdy seat for guests and family members to use.

Oversized Slipper Chair

Oversized Slipper ChairPin

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This slipper chair is oversized so that friends and family can sit snugly in the chair with plenty of space. The legs and base are made of wood.

The ivory-colored seat and back are made of blended leather with tufting and stitches that add some design and texture.

Floral Slipper Chair

Floral Slipper ChairPin

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Add a splash of color to your entryway or living room with this slipper chair. The bright, floral print includes flowers that are orange, red, blue, and white with smaller, green flowers.

The upholstery is made of soft foam for a comfortable seat and it is covered in polyester fabric. The frame and legs are made of sturdy wood so that the cushions stay in place.

Add a small table with flowers in a vase next to this chair or place it next to a solid-colored couch to keep the focus on this beautiful sitting piece.

Retro Slipper Chair

Retro Slipper ChairPin

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This high-backed slipper chair looks like it is fit for royalty in crimson red and decorative legs. The feet are made of solid wood and carved in circular patterns to match the shape of the seat and buttons.

The cushions are made of thick foam and covered in soft velvet with a bright-red color. The tall back and round seat are tufted with solid-red buttons to give the chair a distinctive look.

Place this chair in a corner of a room with a blanket draped over it as a décor piece or use next to the living-room couch as an additional chair.

Slipper Chair with Pillow

Slipper Chair with PillowPin

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Those who want extra back support will love this slipper chair that comes with a pillow. The teal-blue color on this chair will stand out among others in the room. The legs and frame are made of solid wood to support the seat and back.

The padded seat and back are upholstered in a chenille fiber weave in a bright blue with a matching pillow that can be used as décor or support. Pair with a white couch to really make the blue stand out.

Pink Tufted Slipper Chair

Pink Tufted Slipper ChairPin

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The soft pink on this chair will go great in a room decorated with neutrals and soft pastels. The curvature of the legs coincides with the curved back.

The beautifully curved legs are made of birch and look great with the lighter-colored seat and back. Blush-pink velvet is kept in place with buttons on the seat and chair.

Velvet Slipper Chair

Velvet Slipper ChairPin

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Place this accent chair in your foyer, living room, or bedroom in the corner as an extra chair to sit on during the day. Soft, blue fabric is upholstered on the cushioned back and seat for a comfortable feel.

The solid wood legs are finished in a cappuccino color to match the bright blue in the rest of the chair.

Chocolate Slipper Chair

Chocolate Slipper ChairPin

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This chocolate-colored chair will look great in a space with similar colors. The armless chair has cushions covered in geometric patterns in shades of brown, tan, and white.

The dark-wooden legs match the dark colors in the fabric. Add an accent pillow and blanket on the chair for those who need both.

Bud Slipper Chair

Bud Slipper ChairPin

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Add this colorful slipper chair to a room with other white furniture and colors. Black stems reveal colorful buds in all kinds of colors against a white background.

The tapered legs are made of solid wood and match the stems on the fabric.

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