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What Is a Sofa Table? (Including 10 Examples)

A sofa table is a table that fits long ways behind a sofa. The top is usually at the same or similar height to the back of the sofa.

There are a variety of styles, designs, colors, and sizes of sofa tables, just like with other tables. Sofa tables are great to use when you want to hide items that make the room look cluttered. You can purchase this table with drawers or storage baskets for this.

Sofa tables come from the 17th and 18th-century French aristocrats, who wanted to use an extra table. These tables were very similar to console tables.

Sofa tables and console tables are similar in look, where they are usually narrow. The main difference is the height.

Console tables are usually a standard height of 33 inches. Sofa tables are a little lower, to match the height of the sofa back they are behind. In contrast, couch tables are generally taller than coffee tables.

A sofa table can be used for extra storage, while the top can have a lamp with décor that matches the rest of the living room and couch. Couch tables can cost under $100 to several thousand dollars, based on what materials were used to make them, how it’s made, and how many were made.

You can find this type of table to match your sofa and other furniture in your living room. Here are some sofa tables to give you ideas.

Blue Sofa Table

Blue Sofa TablePin

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This sofa table is in a grayish-blue color with a drawer to hide items in. The legs are crossed to give them extra support. These “X”s also add to the design of the sofa table.

The table is made of engineered wood and painted over in a soft gray. This sofa table would look great in a living room that had a beach design to it.

Place a white lamp with a light-colored shade on top. Add some shells in various sizes and types to the top to complete a beachy look.

Metal Sofa Table

Metal Sofa TablePin

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This metal sofa table has a wooden top that gives it an industrial look. The mesh screen on the bottom can be used to store items, such as books, plants, boxes, and other items that you don’t want on the ground.

Purchase the coffee table and at least one end table to match with the sofa table and complete your new look in your living room. They all have a wood top with metal legs and mesh shelf. You can also choose to get the wood in rustic brown, dark brown, and griege and black.

Gray Sofa Table

Gray Sofa TablePin

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This sofa table has a basic but elegant design that will fit with a variety of furniture in your living room. It is made of wood in a long, rectangular shape. The bottom shelf is in the same wood as the top of the table.

Wood crosses over each leg for extra support. You can choose from a variety of dark and bright colors for your sofa table, such as gray, yellow, blue, and black.

If you have extra décor items that you want to display in your living room, place them on this sofa table.

Three-Level Sofa Table

Three-Level Sofa TablePin

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The sofa table has three layers, which is plenty of space for décor and other items you want to display in the living room. The legs are made of metal, with a metal base and wooden shelves.

The combination of wood and metal gives this piece a rustic look, which will match with a variety of colors and other furniture you already have in your living room. You can also purchase a coffee table with two layers of shelves to place under a rug near your large couch and chair.

Drawer Sofa Table

Drawer Sofa TablePin

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This sofa table is made by Convenience Concepts and is made entirely of wood. There are two levels of shelf space, as well as a drawer just under the top of the table. Two crosses help hold up the shelves and legs, creating some design to this functional piece of furniture.

You can purchase this sofa table in a variety of colors, including blue, coral, seafoam, white, and wood. Make sure to add some décor to the top of the table, as well as the other shelves.

Mesh Sofa Table

Mesh Sofa TablePin

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The industrial-style sofa table has two mesh shelves, with a top made of wood. The legs and skeleton of the table are made of metal.

The wood tabletop is wear and scratch-resistant, as well as waterproof. The feet can be adjusted to place on uneven floors.

Don’t forget to check out the nightstand and coffee table made with the same materials and in the same style. You can update your living room by adding these tables to it.

Semi-Circle Sofa Table

Semi-Circle Sofa TablePin

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The beautiful sofa table is in a semi-circle, with curved legs and two shelves under the top of the table. The curled legs give the table a vintage look and feel.

The sofa table is made of manmade wood with metal accents on the legs. The table can almost stand alone as a design piece.

Add some elegant décor to this stylish sofa table, such as a decorative lamp and statues. You can also place this table in an entryway or hallway.

Black Sofa Table

Black Sofa TablePin

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This black sofa table has a modern and sleek look to it. The tabletop and lower shelf are the same sizes. The shelf just below the top of the table is slightly shorter. The legs on both sides curve inward, then outward to form a beautifully-designed table.

Choose from cappuccino or dark brown to go with the furniture and color scheme in your living room.

Wooden Sofa Table

Wooden Sofa TablePin

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The wood-and-metal sofa table will look great in a living room with a rustic vibe. The tabletop and drawers are made of particleboard with a wood finish. The legs and frame are made of metal.

Use the top for décor and the bottom level for storage. Hide unneeded items in the drawer for later use.

Storage Sofa Table

Storage Sofa TablePin

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This sofa table has plenty of shelf space for books, décor, and other items that you can’t find a place for. It is made of pine and plywood and can be ordered in hickory brown or distressed gray.

You can use this sofa table as an extra bookshelf to fill with your favorite books. Create a design with the décor by placing books on every other shelf with a statue on the other shelves.

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