22 Best White and Silver Living Room Ideas

White and silver is a great combination of elegance and minimalism. You can decorate a room in silver and white to create an open space that is light and bright any time of the day.

Create a cozy atmosphere in the middle of winter and throughout the entire year with a white and silver room. Here are 22 of the best white and silver living room ideas to try when you redo your living room.

Gray Couch Living Room

Gray Couch Living RoomPin

This silver-gray couch takes dominance in this living room. The light and dark gray and silver pillows keep the eye in this area of the room. The rug below the couch is threaded with silver and white in an intricate design.

The rest of the room and walls are white for an open and airy feel. The two white end tables with white and silver lamps are a great way to emphasize the couch area. A small, white coffee table sits in the middle of the silver and white carpet on an all-white floor.

White Couches Living Room

White Couches Living RoomPin

The dominant color in this room is a dark silvery-gray. The white couch, chairs, and curtains balance out the dark silver and gray in this living room. A mirror with a silver border on the gray wall adds depth and makes the room appear larger.

A silver platter on the glass coffee tables adds a nice shine to this area of the room. The silver lamp also brightens up the space. The sheer, white windows allow some sunlight in, also brightening up the dark spaces in this living room.

Silver Couch Living Room

Silver Couch Living RoomPin

This beautiful silver couch is a great way to use the space near the window in this silver and white living room. The white walls and white flooring appear to open up the space. Sheer, white curtains allow plenty of sunlight into this living room, brightening up the space.

The silver tufted coffee table matches the style and color of the couch. The white and silver rug below the coffee table is a great way to accentuate both the silver and white in this living space. The silver, gray, and white chairs and dining table also match up beautifully with the living room.

Silver and White Living Room

Silver and White Living RoomPin

This attic living room is decorated in silver and white. The white walls and roof are offset by one gray and white striped wall that adds interesting dimension and design to the room. The wall and ceiling window allow plenty of sunlight to brighten up this space.

Two silver couches sit against and near the white walls. These couches are tufted in silver to add texture to the space. The glass coffee table is on top of a silvery-blue rug that adds some extra color to this living room.

White and silver framed pictures decorate the stark white walls. A silver lamp sits on top of one of the two white dressers against the gray and white striped wall.

Large Silver Couch Living Room

Large Silver Couch Living RoomPin

The silver and white in this room is overshadowed by some natural wood that adds some nice subtle color to this living room space. A large silver couch is decorated with some silver, white, black and yellow pillows.

Two white coffee tables are in the middle, with a white rug below them. Sheer white curtains are swept aside to allow in plenty of sunlight to brighten this space during the day. The white walls add more light and space to this beautiful room.

Silver Patterned Living Room

Silver Patterned Living RoomPin

The silver and gray wall dominate the space, white the cream couch, floor, and white décor balance out the dark grays and silver in the living room. The wallpaper adds interesting design to the wall, along with the white and gray works of art.

Light gray pillows and a blanket are a great way to decorate the cream-colored couch. The silver and white patterned rug matches up with the wallpaper with interesting lines and design. The cactus in a light gray pot is a great way to add more color to this living room.

Silver Tables Living Room

Silver Tables Living RoomPin

This gorgeous space shines with silver and white. Only natural light is needed to brighten up this silver and white living room area. The white armchair is decorated with silver and silver legs.

Both end tables shine with silver and decorative designs on the tabletops and legs. The China silverware is a great way to add functional décor to the space. The white walls are also decorated with motifs and intricate designs.

The houseplants are a great way to add extra color to this gorgeous living space.

Silver Armchair Living Room

Silver Armchair Living RoomPin

This silver armchair shines in this dark gray and white living room. The armchair stands out against the dark gray wall and flooring. The red rug is a great contrast against the silver and white in this living room and adds an interesting splash of color in an otherwise monochrome room.

The white walls help brighten up the dark spaces in this room. The white vase against the dark gray wall pop out against the dark colors in this room. Natural sunlight streaming in from a window provides plenty of light to brighten the dark spots in this living space as well.

Silver Living Room

Silver Living RoomPin

This silver and white living room has some dark features to balance the light, such as two dark tables behind the couch, dark wood floors and stairs. Two silver lamps decorate the top of these tables, as well as silver candles.

The rest of the room is in white, with white couches, white walls, a white ceiling and white fan. White flowers sit in a blue vase on the coffee table to add some color to the space.

Large, white windows further brighten up this light-colored space so that it looks large and airy.

Retro Silver Living Room

Retro Silver Living RoomPin

This retro living room shines with lights covering all the walls. The white retro couch appears bright against the light gray flooring. The white pedestal behind the couch is an elegant way to decorate this living space against the white lights surrounding it.

Silver details on the couch add interest to this area of the living room. A silvery-white blanket also adds elegance to this space. The white walls are further brightened with many twinkling white lights to really make this living room shine.

Silver Couches Living Room

Silver Couches Living RoomPin

These beautiful silver couches take centerstage in this luxury living room. The silver pillows accentuate the color on these elegant couches. The black coffee table darkens this area, while the white walls and curtains brighten up the space.

The pattern of white and gray leaves against light gray background adds interest as wallpaper on one wall. The other wall remains plain to keep the focal point of the room on the silver couches. Light gray flooring also keeps silver and gray the main colors in this luxury living space.

Silver Furniture Living Room

Silver Furniture Living RoomPin

This silver and white living room looks beautiful with some purple added to the décor. The silver couches shine with elegant purple pillows to add interest to this area. Silver gray, purple, and white curtains cover up the large windows for privacy.

White walls further brighten the room up and make it look larger. Light gray carpet with floral patterns add interest to the floor. Lights on the ceiling and wall further brighten up this living room.

The purple flowers in a light purple pot add some color to the dark coffee table. The silver tufted couch and chair give a retro feel to this living space.

Silver Lamp Living Room

Silver Lamp Living RoomPin

This beautiful silver and white living room is balanced out with a black marble fireplace, dark metal lantern with candle, and black lamp near the curtains. White and silver dominate the rest of the living room.

A silver tufted couch adds a vintage look to the corner of this room with tufted silver pillows. A shiny silver lamp with silver and white round shade decorates the top of the glass window. Four retro-designed chairs in white and silver are placed on two sides of this elegant table.

Silver and sheer white curtains decorate and cover the large windows on the other side of the room to allow plenty of sunshine in.

Beige Couch Living Room

Beige Couch Living RoomPin

This living room is decorated in silver, gray and brown. A beige couch is placed near the windows on the right side of the room. The couch is decorated with brown pillows.

A large gray lamp decorates the room next to the couch, shining on all the silver and white décor in the evening. The white framed windows allow plenty of sunlight in the room during the day.

White Living Room

White Living RoomPin

This brightly lit living room is decorated mainly in white with some silver decorations. White couches and white walls dominate the room.

Some silver décor can be seen near the window. A silver lamp with white shade sits in the corner. A large glass coffee table sits in the center of the room on a dark wood floor.

A houseplant is in a white container near the television. Dark bordered windows allow plenty of light in during the day.

Silver Vases Living Room

Silver Vases Living RoomPin

Silver, gray, and white are the main colors in this living room. A silvery-gray couch is decorated with white, gray, and gray patterned pillows. The small tree growing on the left is placed in a silver pot to add some shine to this space.

Beautiful silver vases decorate the top of the small coffee table in the center. These vases really shine against the bright white tabletop. The cozy white rug below also brightens up this space, as well as the bright white walls.

Silver Picture Living Room

Silver Picture Living RoomPin

The large picture that covers most of the wall on the right dominates this part of the room in silver and white. Other silver and natural-colored décor can be seen in the rest of the room.

Silvery-gray couches surround a silver table with a natural wood tabletop. Some dark gray décor can be seen on top. Silver-gray flooring makes this part of the room shine.

An oversized dark silver vase is seen near the large photograph. White and gray walls soften this monotone colored living room.

Silver Lamp Living Room Décor

Silver Lamp Living Room DecorPin

A soft silver lamp emerges from the ceiling of this white and silver colored living room. The off-white couch is decorated with a cream-colored pillow and silver throw. The white walls are bare, except for the tall, white pedestal where a hand sculpture is placed.

A light silver rug is in the middle of the white tiled floor. Some natural sunlight comes through the window, brightening up this white and silver-gray living room.

Light Gray Couch Living Room

Light Gray Couch Living RoomPin

Dark and light gray, silver, and white make up the colors in this living room. The dark gray and black wallpaper adds dramatic and interesting design to the room. The white tiled floor and white couch really brighten up the space.

The gray floating shelf on the wall contains silver and white décor to lighten up this space as well. Organic décor in a silver vase sits on the floor next to the couch. The silver minimal floor lamp further brightens up this light and dark living room.

Silver Gray Living Room

Silver Gray Living RoomPin

This silver-gray couch sits in an almost white room with silver and white décor on the floor, walls, and shelves. The black and white patterned pillow matches the black and white ottoman on the floor. A snow-white animal skin sits on the all-white tiled floor near the silver couch.

The glass and silver coffee table has some greenery on top as décor. Other houseplants sit in white pots near the windows to the left. An all-white floor lamp is pointed at the couch to offer light in this space in the evening.

A silver colored rug decorates the white floor behind the lamp, with gray, silver, and white décor decorating the shelves on the back wall.

Silver Living Room Couch

Silver Living Room CouchPin

A silver couch is decorated with a silver, black, and black and white patterned pillow to give this space some interesting design and a little color. A circular coffee table sits to the side with some houseplants in a white vase.

The gray and white patterned rug adds some interesting design to break up the all-white floors. Other houseplants on the white cabinets add some color to this space as well.

A white shelf with white and silver décor as well as pictures on the white walls add some variety to this silver and white living room.

Luxury Silver and White Living Room

Luxury Silver and White Living RoomPin

The silver wallpaper and dark silver and black couches and rug dominate this luxurious living room space. Silver details can be seen on the edges and buttons of the sitting chair. The dark coffee table shines with a silver and marble top.

The light and dark gray rug adds interesting texture and design against the wood flooring. The white wall and ceiling brighten up the dark space. Skylights in the ceiling further brighten up this dark and beautifully designed living room.

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