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32 Unique Wine-Themed Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

Many people enjoy having a glass of wine at the end of a long workday. You can enjoy wine all day in your kitchen by adding wine-inspired décor and motifs to the overall look in your cooking space.

This can be in the form of corks, wine bottles, and even the colors you choose in your kitchen. Mix and match décor to discover your own unique wine décor kitchen design. Here are 32 wine themed kitchen ideas you can add to enjoy the look of wine all day and night in your home.

Wine Bottle Lights with Cork

Wine Bottle Lights with CorkPin

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These festive wine bottle lights are perfect for parties or an evening enjoying wine in the kitchen or outdoors. Place the cork with the lights in clean wine bottles to enjoy as decoration in and around the kitchen, or holiday party. This set comes with the cork lights only.

Make sure you have ten empty wine bottles to use with the lights. Batteries keep the lights going and are included. Place the cork with lights in the bottle, turn on the light from the cork, and enjoy.

Cork Placemat

Cork PlacematPin

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These wine-themed placemats are made of 100 percent cork. The image of wine, cheese, and fruit will make family and guests feel like they are at an Italian restaurant, villa, or wine tasting event in your own home.

Since these placemats are made entirely of cork, do not put in the dishwasher or in water. If you find stains on your wine placemats, simply spot clean using a damp cloth. This will keep your placemats lasting a long time for you and guests to enjoy.

Wine Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Wine Peel and Stick Wall DecalsPin

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These fun peel and stick wine wall decals will look great in any wine themed kitchen. Place on one wall in your kitchen, or place the wine decals strategically one several of the walls in the kitchen and dining area. Make sure to get other wine-themed décor pieces so that the walls blend in the rest of the décor.

Since these decals easily peel and stick, they can be removed and placed elsewhere without leaving a sticky residue. Enjoy mixing and matching all 56 decals to enjoy while in the kitchen.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Mounted Wine RackPin

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This functional wall wine rack is perfect for a small kitchen in an apartment or family who enjoys just a little wine from time to time. The rack can fit up to five of your favorite moderately sized wine bottles. There is a small space just below to store old corks to collect and use for DIY projects.

Hang four of your favorite wine glasses below your bottles of wine. This set comes with artificial grapes to decorate your rack with, and six wine glass charms made of cork. The front of the rack is decorated with the word “Wine” in cursive to complete this charming wall piece.

Wine Cork Holder

Wine Cork HolderPin

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This unique wine cork holder would make a great gift for a wine lover who wants to show off all the corks they collect in their kitchen. This monogrammed “M” can be hung on the kitchen wall for a unique wall art piece. Fill with corks as you finish each of your favorite bottles of wine.

The letter wine cork holder is two inches deep, just perfect to hold corks horizontally. About 100 corks can fit into this unique décor piece for your wine themed kitchen.

Wine Themed Dish Towels

Wine Themed Dish TowelsPin

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Clean up any wine and other spills in your kitchen with this four-piece set of cabernet wine glass kitchen dish towels. Hang these from your oven for quick use and to enjoy in your wine themed kitchen.

Each kitchen towel is made of 100 percent cotton. When dirty, just throw in the washing machine and dryer to display and use over and over again. These also make great gifts for wine lovers.

Artificial Grapes

Artificial GrapesPin

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Feel as if you are in a villa in France enjoying a day tasting wine by displaying these artificial grapes throughout your wine-themed kitchen. Freely place in the corner of your kitchen counter. Put in a fancy bowl as a unique centerpiece on your kitchen table.

There is a hole at the top of each stem to make a garland to hang in your kitchen as well. Just dust off or wipe with clean cloth when dirty so that you and your guests can enjoy your faux kitchen grapes for a long time.

Wine Canvas Paintings

Wine Canvas PaintingsPin

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These modern wine canvas prints would look great in a wine-themed kitchen with similar colors. You just need a little bit of red and black added to the décor so that the colors don’t overtake the rest of the kitchen. If countertops and other features in the kitchen are made with dark colors, these prints will be the perfect décor.

Each print is 12 by 12 inches, so they can be placed in small areas of the kitchen or hung next to each other in the dining space. Make sure to add other wine themed kitchen décor to complete the look.

Wine Box Sign

Wine Box SignPin

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This box sign would fit perfectly in a small kitchen or as a gift for the wine lover in your life. The five by 3-inch sign will fit well in any corner of your wine themed kitchen. Add some bottles of wine or other wine motifs next to it so that it’s not standing alone in the kitchen. Place near a wine rack or some wine glasses.

Use the wine quote box as a centerpiece and surround with corks. Make sure to add wine motifs and décor to the walls and other parts of your kitchen to complete your wine look.

Wine Area Rugs

Wine Area RugsPin

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Catch spills and dirty footprints by placing these wine themed area rugs in your kitchen. This three-piece set comes with area rugs in 20 by 45 inches, 30 by 46 inches, and 18 by 30 inches. Place below the kitchen sink, stove, and other areas where spills may occur.

Each rug is decorated with vintage-inspired still life images of wine bottles and glasses filled with wine in dark red, gold, tan, and black. Clean with mild detergent and water to keep your rugs looking new.

Wine-Themed Curtains

Wine-Themed CurtainsPin

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These linen kitchen curtains will add privacy and festivity in your wine themed kitchen. This three-piece set comes with two kitchen tiers and one valance to provide plenty of coverage and privacy to a small kitchen window.

Bottles of wine, grapes, wine glasses, and wine barrels decorate each curtain in dark, neutral colors with a cream-colored background. Pair up with similar colored wine-themed décor for the perfect wine kitchen look.

Wine Tin Sign

Wine Tin SignPin

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This tin made sign of different wines from around the world can be placed on a wall in your wine themed kitchen. It is 16 by 12.5 inches, so it will not take up too much wall space for other wine-inspired art pieces. Four holes are drilled in each corner, making it easy to install on any wall in your kitchen.

This tin sign would look great in a vintage-inspired kitchen with wine and other vintage motifs to enjoy while cooking, baking, and visiting with friends and family in the kitchen. Place in the bar area of your kitchen for a vintage bar look as well.

Wine and Grapes Wall Art

Wine and Grapes Wall ArtPin

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These rustic wine wall art paintings will complete your wine themed kitchen by installing on a wall to enjoy for many meals and wine parties. Four canvases make up this unique image with prints of wine bottles, glasses, grapes, and barrels. Enjoy admiring these prints while drinking your favorite glass of wine from the table.

Add other wood, rustic, and wine décor throughout the kitchen so that this does not become a stand-alone piece. Each canvas is ready to hang with a metal eyelet hook. Just add nails to the wall so that you can enjoy your wine-themed canvas art pieces.

Cat Shaped Wine Holder

Cat Shaped Wine HolderPin

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Wine and cat lovers will love this whimsical feline wine holder. This cat wine holder is made of metal and carved to hold your favorite bottle of wine. Use the cat wine holder alone as a centerpiece, or place various bottles of wine in the holder as you use them.

Don’t forget to include other wine and cat-inspired décor throughout your kitchen. You can even include unique metal art pieces similar to this metal cat wine holder. Make sure to have plenty of bottles of wine to use with this as well.

Wine Wall Stickers

Wine Wall StickersPin

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These wall sticker decals are just the decoration pieces your wine themed kitchen walls need to complete the look. Place on the stovetop wall to remind yourself of your daily glass of wine. Each decal set comes in several sizes and colors to fit all kinds of kitchen and décor pieces.

Just cut out the letters and wine decals and place on the wall. This decal would also look great above a kitchen nook area with small table and chairs, as well as several bottles of wine nearby.

Four Wine Themed Prints

Four Wine Themed PrintsPin

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These four wine-themed canvas prints can be hung together or apart throughout your kitchen. Hang the four squares together to make a larger square, hang next to each other for a unique horizontal look, or hang separately all over the kitchen.

Each giclee canvas print is 12 by 12 inches, so these can fit in plenty of small kitchen wall spaces or in the dining area. Have other wine décor pieces in similar colors around to complete the look.

Wine Wall Decals

Wine Wall DecalsPin

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This fun wine-inspired decal set will look great in a kitchen with wine décor and other décor in dark, neutral colors. The decals come on one sheet and can be rearranged until you find a look you enjoy. Add some other wine inspired décor in golds, silvers, and blacks to bring the entire look together in your kitchen.

Place next to a wall with plenty of space, or pair up with other wall decorations for a busy look. Peel and stick to the wall of your choice when ready to use.

Wine Wall Clock

Wine Wall ClockPin

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This rustic wine themed wall clock is just what you need to keep time while in the kitchen. The vintage image of wine bottles, wine glasses, and grapes in encased in a black case with beautiful rose gold details. Add other wine inspired décor in similar colors to your kitchen a cohesive look.

You will need to purchase AA batteries separately to start using your wine-themed wall clock. Replace the battery as needed to enjoy your clock for many years.

Tabletop Wine Holder

Tabletop Wine HolderPin

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This cute tabletop wine holder would fit perfectly in a small kitchen or table in the dining area. You can also place this in the bar area of your kitchen. Display five of your favorite bottles of wine, along with four of your best wine glasses to enjoy with family and friends.

You can pair up your tabletop wine holder with other décor in metal and wine-themed motifs. Your tabletop wine holder is easy to assemble so that you and your family can enjoy it almost as soon as it arrives.

Pot Holders

Pot HoldersPin

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Keep your hands safe from hot pots with these wine-themed potholders. This set comes with ten everyday pot holders to use for your daily cooking. Keep a few out to use and store the rest away for later use.

Each pot holder is printed with two bottles of wine, a wine glass, grapes, and leaf motif with the word “wine” in the background. Make sure to add other wine inspired décor in similar colors to complete your wine themed kitchen.

Wine Glass Cork Holder

Wine Glass Cork HolderPin

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This large wine glass cork holder will be the conversation starter at your next dinner party. Choose from two different sizes for your cork holder, from one that is 7 inches and 12 inches tall. Both hold around 50 corks.

Each wine cork holder is made of metal with purple grapes and a leaf on one side. Display on the bar or other area where your wine is kept.

Wine Curtain Set

Wine Curtain SetPin

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Enjoy some privacy in the kitchen with this three-piece wine decorated curtain set for your kitchen window. Each curtain set comes with two tiers and one draped valance for plenty of privacy while in the kitchen.

Bottles of wine and grapes decorate the bottom of each curtain with bold lines in tan and deep red. These are made of 100% polyester and can be machine washed and tumble dried to make them look like new again.

Wine Coasters

Wine CoastersPin

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These fun wine coasters would make a great gift for the female wine lover in your life. You can also display them around the kitchen when guests are there for fun conversation starters. Use the container they come in as a wine holder as well.

Make sure to pair these up with other wine inspired décor items and vintage prints in light colors around the kitchen.

Wine Runner Rug

Wine Runner RugPin

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Place this wine runner rug in your kitchen to pick up any spills left behind from cooking and baking. The red and beige wine-themed rug will look perfect with other wine décor in similar colors. Mix and match with wine bottles, grapes, and other décor in similar colors and styles.

This rug is made of 100 percent nylon pile. Spot clean when you notice stains and vacuum periodically to keep it looking clean.

Gas Stove Burner Covers

Gas Stove Burner CoversPin

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These gas stove burner covers have a vintage look and feel to them. Each are decorated with a vintage-looking print with a wine bottle, wine glass, grapes, and other fruit surrounding the drink and glass.

This is a great way to cover up dirty and old stove burners, especially when guests are present. Just hand wash and towel dry to keep these looking new and clean. Decorate the rest of the kitchen in wine art in similar colors as well.

Box Wall Sign

Box Wall SignPin

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This cute wooden box wall art would look great on the wall or kitchen counter. Stand alone or add bottles of wine, glasses or other wine-inspired art so that this box blends in with the surrounding décor.

At only 10 inches long, place on a small kitchen counter or on a small wall space. Add other décor in similar colors to complete the look.

Wall Wine Cork Holder

Wall Wine Cork HolderPin

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This fun wine cork holder would be perfect to hang behind a bar or another place in the kitchen where there is plenty of wall space. Each letter is separate, so you can hang them as close or space them out for a unique look on your wall.

Place all your used wine corks in these letters, or stand alone for a modern art look. Mix and match with other wine and metal décor for a modern wine themed kitchen.

Natural Cork Coasters

Natural Cork CoastersPin

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These natural cork coasters are perfect to pair up with a glass of red wine after a long day spent working. This set comes with ten natural cork coasters with a holder for the coasters that can also be used as a wine bottle holder.

Place it in the bar area for guests to use when they come over for a dinner party. Add other cork and wine elements in your kitchen with a cork holder and wine motifs.

Wine Wall Décor

Wine Wall DécorPin

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These metal wine art pieces are perfect for a small kitchen or small space in the kitchen. Each “glass” is about 10 inches high, making them great accent pieces to use with other wine décor. Pair up with some wine-inspired canvas art for a unique look on an empty kitchen wall space.

Make sure to add other wine, red and cream décor in your kitchen. Place behind the stove or dress up your wine area with these modern pieces of metal art. These can easily hang on your wall with hooks that are included.

Modern Wine Art

Modern Wine ArtPin

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Give your kitchen a vineyard feel with these canvas wine prints. Mix and match the placement of each 12 by 12 canvas to fit your wall space. Line them up side by side for a large wall, or place near each other in a square shape for a smaller wall.

These beautiful watercolor painting prints seem to come alive with how the light reflects off each glass and realistic looking bottles of wine. Add other pieces of décor with red and wine elements to complete the look. These could be plastic grapes, a wine rack with your favorite wine, or other wine inspired artwork.

Wine Clock

Wine ClockPin

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Add this rustic looking wine clock to your kitchen to complete your vineyard themed room. The print containing bottles and glasses of wine with grapes it attached to a PVC and foam board backing to look like wood.

Place in your kitchen to go with the rest of your wine décor. Add some rustic and wood elements to blend the looks together for a rustic wine kitchen look. Have a bowl of grapes out, grape vines, or plastic grapes throughout the kitchen with similar wine décor.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Wall Mounted Wine RackPin

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This wall-mounted metal wine rack would make a great gift for a wine lover or addition to your own wine decorated kitchen space. This metal wine rack can hold up to five of your favorite bottles of wine, along with your four best wine glasses.

Once you are done with a bottle of wine, place the wine cork below the other bottles for a unique look. The word “home” in metal is attached to the front to give a welcoming feel to this wine rack. It comes with three bottle stoppers so that you can start saving those old wine corks in the holder right away.

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